Workshop Wonders

July 31st, 2019

We’re super excited to be hosting the ON Tribe Forum 2019 in the beautiful city of Melbourne on the 11-12 September!

In addition to the amazing speakers, structured networking opportunities, awards and merch that’s already on offer at the Forum, we’ve pulled together 4 amazing workshops from Australia’s leading experts. After all, ON’s not just about listening – we’ll get you to do.

We know that everyone is at a different stage of their journey, so attendees at the Forum will have the chance to attend the two most helpful workshops. To help you decide, we’ve pulled together the highlights from each session.

Effective Negotiation

Is it art? Is it science? What’s the formula? Whether you’re looking to get more support internally or looking to spin out, successful negotiation is key to getting what you need and want!

Join Dr Matt. Lohmeyer, Principal, Negotiation Partners to learn how.

Matt is a professional negotiator. He negotiates on behalf of clients to help deliver the best outcomes for important or challenging negotiations.

When he is not negotiating, he coaches senior executives and teams in advanced negotiation skills and negotiation strategy. This helps them to be more in control, more effective and more successful – both at work and in their private lives.

Learn how to nail networking in our workshop!

Networking Masterclass

Love it or loathe it – networking is an essential part of career advancement. But it doesn’t have to be stressful!

Join seasoned entrepreneur, lean innovator, speaker and facilitator Andy Lamb as he shares his tips for networking success along with his passion for challenging the status quo.

Everything from planning and preparation to remembering names, reading body language, building connections and completing the follow-up. There’s more to networking than having a chat over awkward canapes – join us to find out how to get the most out of all those endless networking events.

Media Training 101

Make every interview memorable… for all the right reasons.

Media can be the fastest way to gain exposure and build a positive reputation for yourself, your idea and your venture. The right kind of visibility is crucial and can expand opportunities to attract funding, talent and new customers.

Catriona Dixon will show you the ropes of media engagement in her media workshop.

Catriona is one of Australia’s most sought after media trainers and executive coaches. A seasoned journalist of 25 years with News Limited, Channel Seven and ABC Radio, she is committed to empowering the nation’s business and community leaders of today (that’s you) with the tools needed to become exceptional communicators.


Do you wish you had a map to the investment landscape?

When thinking of funding, if you’ve asked yourself, “how, when and via what means?” or want more clarity about whether venture capital is right for you, the Investing and Fundraising workshop is for you!

Phil Morle, Partner of Main Sequence Ventures will answer all of those questions and more in a facilitated discussion.

Main Sequence Ventures backs deep tech founders inventing tomorrow and has so far backed over 18 companies with strong connections with Australian public research organisations. Before his time at CSIRO, Phil was a founder of Australia’s first startup incubator, Pollenizer.

Phil Morle will guide you through the funding puzzle.

There’s no limit to what you might learn at ON Tribe Forum, so secure your place before 11 August!