Peter Ford announced as a keynote speaker!

August 20th, 2019

We’re pulling out all the stops for ON Tribe Forum 2019! If the Mentor Marketplace, Panels, Workshops, Talks and Fellow Alum weren’t already enough, we’re proud to announce our first keynote speaker – Peter Ford!

Peter Ford, Founder and President of Innovation at Control Bionics will be presenting the keynote ‘Creativity is a renewable resource’, which will answer questions such as:

How do you harness “the intent of doing something useful” to build a global business that now delivers freedom and improved quality of life for suffers of locked-in-syndrome the world over?

What does it feel like to be rejected by Stephen Hawking?

How do you manage the ‘3 AM screaming sweats’ that come with building a business machine while also building the actual machine?

Peter is the extraordinary mind behind NeuroNode, a device that is revolutionising the lives of people with profound disabilities – that he beta-tested with Prof. Stephen Hawking.

NeuroNode helps people with mobility issues – including patients with traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries, motor neurone disease, cerebral palsy and students with disabilities – regain independence by allowing them to operate a virtual keyboard using miniscule muscle movements. This means they can connect to tablets and mobile phones to manage daily tasks like emailing, operating equipment, or even driving a remote presence robot.

Peter Ford holding the NeuroNode

Peter started his career as a journalist in Warwick, Queensland, and worked his way up to covering the Space Shuttle missions, Operation Desert Storm and the siege on Osama bin Laden at Tora Bora for NBC. His career continued to skyrocket when he joined CNN, all while he simultaneously working pro bono as a software consultant, developing unconventional computer interfaces which eventually lead to the development of NeuroNode. How’s that for a side-hustle?

In this fascinating keynote, Peter will tackle everything from the fear of failure to knowing who you should listen to when everyone has an opinion. Raw, real and delivered in the dulcet tones of one of Australia’s first CNN broadcasters – you don’t want to miss this fascinating story dripping with ‘money can’t buy’ wisdom and advice!

Don’t miss your chance to hear this amazing keynote for yourself, register today!