Learn how to grow your venture and go global with our panels

August 6th, 2019

There’s nothing more valuable than being able to learn from other’s experiences, especially if they are walking a very similar path to you. To help you get the most out of the amazing people that will be coming along to ON Tribe Forum, we’ve pulled together two panels so some of our top alumni can share insights into their journeys.

This year’s panels will be filled with ON graduates that are ready to share their learnings.

Going Global

What does it mean, why would you do it, how do you get there and what can you expect?

If you’re thinking about taking the leap into the global market, or are just curious to learn more, our Going Global panel is for you.

We’ve pulled together a panel of Alumni that are in the process of taking their ventures to a worldwide audience to share what their experience and what they’ve learnt. Our panel includes:

Melony Sellars – Genics

Melony is the co-founder of Genics, a company dedicated to food security using smart disease management. Backed by 20 years’ experience as a research scientist in biotechnology, Melony is taking Genics to the global market.

Michael Whitford – Modular Photonics

Michael is a co-founder and CEO of start-up Modular Photonics, with over 150 refereed journal papers to his name. Modular Photonics transforms old data systems through devices that increase data transmission rates in optical fibre networks.

Kate Lyall, CTO and Co-Founder, Bee Innovative

Kate is the Founder and CTO of Bee Innovative, a team that’s unlocking global agriculture by maximising pollination. Since completing this year’s ON Accelerate, Bee Innovative have established funded field trials and are on track to establish an office in the US.

Michelle Perugini – Life Whisperer

Michelle is the CEO and co-founder of Life Whisperer, a company that’s helping improve the rate of IVF pregnancies using AI. The Life Whisperer team have just concluded an international clinical study across 12 different clinics from and across the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia.

The speakers at ON Tribe Forum

Building a people-first culture to unlock growth

Facilitated by ON’s HR-guru, Anna Molloy, we explore the topic – ‘How to build a people-first culture’.

In this panel, our alumni will address questions including, “what does a ‘people first’ culture mean to you?”, “Do you believe in intentionally creating culture, or letting it organically evolve?” and “How does having a strong impact mission change the way you and the teamwork?”

Tackling these tricky questions are:

James Palmer – Silentium Defence

James is the co-founder and CEO of Silentium Defence, a start-up that has gone from strength to strength, from opening its own R&D facility to growing from two to 17 staff in two years. He has invaluable insights on how to manage the logistics, HR and culture of growing a team quickly.

Laura Jones – RapidAIM

Laura is the co-founder and COO of RapidAIM. As an experienced Research Officer turned entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the agriculture sector, she’s helping grow the company and her team, with learnings to share about what it’s like to take on your first hire.

Kieren Moffat – VoconiQ

Kieren is CEO of VoconiQ, a start-up helping companies and communities build trust. Spun out from CSIRO in mid-2019, VoconiQ has seen massive growth of its customer base while bootstrapping its way to value. It has the mission to foster understanding through clear and transparent communication.

You can catch both these panels and all the panellists at ON Tribe Forum, but hurry – ticket sales end 11 August 2019.