That’s a wrap for ON Tribe Forum 2019!

September 17th, 2019

We came. We met. We connected.

ON Tribe Forum 2019 was our largest gathering of ON Alumni and program mentors, facilitators and supporters. Together we discussed and shared the highs and lows of being a part of the innovation ecosystem, here in Australia and across the globe.

Over two days in Melbourne, we convened to listen to experts and peers; those who have truly ‘been there and done that’.

Gathering over 250 + Alumni from all over the country was a huge buzz, and it was amazing hearing from our cohorts – how far they’ve taken the learnings from ON into their careers and new ventures.

As with all ON experiences, it wasn’t just listening – we also enlisted the help of our industry experts, offering four masterclasses; ‘effective negotiation’, fundraising, media training and networking. We heard from David Ireland about the art and power of the conversational pitch and our own HR expert, Anna Molloy on building a people-first culture to unlock growth, leading a panel of alumni teams sharing their successes, stories and learnings.

We got global with an epic insight from teams expanding overseas and shared experience on what we can expect when looking to launch.

We also heard from world-class external speakers including Peter Ford to wrap us up, Founder and President of Innovation at Control Bionics with his incredible story of unlocking the voices of those silenced by spinal cord injury and other conditions, an inspiring example of how science innovation impacts the lives of many people.

We also celebrated our Alumni success with our very first ON Impact Awards, and the awarding of the Menzies Scientific Entrepreneurship Fellowship to three exceptional alum.

Our prize winners are;

Securing our Future – presented by AusIndustry

Recognising the team’s impact in positioning Australia to respond to rapid changes in global policy, economies and environments.

Genics: Genics is dedicated to ensuring food security using smart pathogen detection in prawn food stocks. The company is quickly going global and already has an international customer base.

Future Industries – presented by Austrade Landing Pads program

Recognising the team’s impact in the creation of strategic capability and advantage for Australian industry.

Bee Innovative: Bee Innovative safeguards and supercharges pollination-based food sources by tracking the movement and pollination habits of bees. The team have already conducted field trails in both the US and Asutralia.

Jobs and Growth – presented by Curious Thing

Recognising the team’s impact in creation of new jobs, industry and opportunity for Australia.

Emesent: Emesent uses LiDAR-based sensors combine with clever algorithms to allow drones to map otherwise inaccessible areas such as underground mines and telecommunication and broadcast towers.

Health & Wellbeing – presented by McCullough Robertson lawyers

Recognising the team’s impact in enabling improved health and wellbeing outcomes for society.

Noisy Guts: Noisy Guts have developed an acoustic belt that listens, records and analyses gut noises, to help diagnose common gut disorders, particularly Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Melony Sellars from Genics onstage accepting an award from David Burt

Melony Sellars accepting the award on behalf of the Genics Team.

Sustainable Energy and Resources – presented by SingularityU Australia

Recognising the team’s impact in enabling improved resource management and environmental outcomes for Australia.

Diffuse Energy: Diffuse Energy has produced world-leading small wind turbine technology that has up to twice the efficiency of existing market products.

Social Innovation – presented by Hitachi

Recognising collaboration driven innovation which contributes to the enhancement of quality of life and building a sustainable society.

RapidAIM: The RapidAIM technology allows for the real-time detection of fruit fly, giving farmers the ability to pro-actively manage these pests.

People’s Choice – voted by the ON Tribe

Recognising the team that exemplifies the ON values of tenacity, hustle and commitment to impact!

Silentium Defence: Silentium Defence is a global leader in the design and deployment of passive surveillance systems, enabling real-time radar detection without compromise.

Menzies Foundation Scholarships

The three winners of our inaugural Menzies Foundation Scholarships were:

  • Dr Melony Sellars, a global shrimp expert and co-founder of Genics, a start-up securing global food production through smart pathogen detection and breeding selection.
  • Dr Simon Gross, a leading optics and telecommunications expert and CTO of Modular Photonics, a start-up future-proofing optical networks without costly infrastructure
  • Dr Jinghua Fang, a materials scientist and founder of AloxiTec, solving global food waste using a “flexible ceramic” that delays spoilage

Each received a $90,000 12-month fellowship from the Menzies Foundation to help scientific entrepreneurs commercialise their ideas.

Want to relive the Forum or catch up on the action? You can view all the photos here!

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