How to drive real impact through Social Intrapreneurship from within your organisation

August 21st, 2019

Janett Egber describes herself as a community builder, change-maker, proud mother of two strong and independent teenage daughters and an Intrapreneur.

If this is the first time you’ve come also the idea of Intrapreneurship, don’t worry – we’ve got the low-down from Janett about how she got involved, what it means and how you can use it within your own organisation.

Janett splits her professional time between growing the movement of Social Intrapreneurship as a Global Catalyst for the League of Intrapreneurs (LOI) and as a CX Strategy & Planning Lead at Medibank (along with Mentoring ON Prime teams).

Over 20 years of experience in corporate Australia has shaped Janet’s perspective; “we have to re-think the role of business in society and the significant contribution that people inside our large organizations can make by shaping the future of our communities,” Janett told us.

Janett Egber is passionate about the positive effects of intrapreneurship.

So, what is intrepreneurship? 

‘Intrapreneurship’ is a term used to define people that are leading change and innovation from within very large organisations, focusing on making a positive impact through their work.

Janett says it’s bigger than Corporate Innovation, “this is much broader than that, as we find ‘Intrapreneurs’ working across all sectors: in Government, Not-For-Profits, Education and of course, in Corporates.

“I love how one member of our community described it:

‘An intrapreneur works FROM an organisation (not only FOR an organisation)’

“Essentially, people that are finding ways to harness the influence, power, and assets of some of our largest organisations to make a positive impact.”

Assemble the League

The League of Intrapreneurs (LOI) is a global learning community of intrapreneurs and catalysts driving change from within. LOI members are prototyping the future of work, challenging the status quo & developing systems solutions to our most pressing challenges.

The League exists to mobilise our incumbent institutions as collaborative partners in systems

Change, to unlock the human potential inside our most influential organisations. Their main goal is to create a more prosperous, equitable and sustainable world.

Janett wants to help others, too; “It’s a real honour to be a Global Catalyst for the LOI and I’m here to find, connect and support practicing intrapreneurs – because as fabulous as this may sound… It can be really hard!”

Want to know more? You can talk to Janett about all things Intrapreneurship at ON Tribe Forum! She’ll be one of our wonderful Mentors in the Mentor Marketplace, so if you have questions make sure you register today!