Convince your boss

Need a little help to build your case to attend ON Tribe Forum or secure the funds to bring your team? In the spirit of the Hustle, try these tips on for size:

Play to your ‘approver’s’ interests

Is your team, leader or institute passionate about external and industry connections? Are you seeking funding, partnerships or looking to raise profile for your work? Let them know that for the cost of a return flight and one night’s accommodation you can access more than 400+ potential partners, referrers or customers from across industry and academia. You’ll hear from experts and esteemed research leaders how they secured funding, recruited talent and sourced partners. You’ll be connected, trained and inspired through a conference program that would typically cost hundreds – all ON us, with a little help from them to get you there.

Proactively plan deadlines

In and out of Melbourne in a day and a half! When you discuss your attendance, don’t forget to mention how you’ll ensure your projects, responsibilities, or quotas will be managed for the days that you’re away at Tribe Forum. There’s still plenty of time to plan deadlines and manage resources around the event.

Re-frame “it’s a big investment”

Attending an event like ON Tribe Forum puts you into a different headspace and allows you to focus on different things than you normally do. Just like any ON experience, it’s fully immersive, focused and gives you permission to get hands on and stuck-into doing what needs to be done to move your venture forward. You’ll have some of your best ideas, come up with your best solutions and meet the people who can help you make it happen! That’s an experience ‘money can’t buy’!

Show why networking matters

Making organic connections with your academic and industry peers at Tribe Forum is a great way to forge new partnerships, recruit future employees, and elevate the presence of your research, venture or institute. With 400+ attendees drawn from our Tribe of more than 35 partners and 1,200 alum the possibilities are endless! After all, it’s the ON ‘get out of the building’ formula that’s helped create more than 35 new companies, 120 new jobs, attract more than $20m in commercialisation grants and raise $25m in equity investment. You never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll learn!

CSIRO team? Combine your trip with CSIRO Connect

CSIRO Connect will be held on Tuesday September 10 at the Caulfield Racecourse. No matter where you are based around the country, CSIRO attendees can attend any session in any location that best suits you so take advantage of the alignment and do two for the price of one!

More info on CSIRO Connect can be found here.


Need something more tailored? Drop us a line for support via our Tribe Manager, Karen Li and we’ll help you craft a case for attendance.

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