ON Prime Winter 2019 is coming to a close!

July 25th, 2019

This Winter’s ON Prime program saw us run 11 hubs across Australia, our largest yet. As these Prime Finals close the program this week, we’d like to welcome all the recent ON Prime participants to the ON Tribe! ON Tribe is our exclusive network of alumni, mentors and facilitators, a community of like-minded people supporting each other in their ON journey beyond the program boundaries.

As part of Prime, one team from every hub, (up to two per city) is awarded the ON Facilitator’s Prize of $2,000 in recognition of their performance in the ON Prime program; demonstrating their drive, grit and resilience. We don’t award the prize based on the team’s technology progress, but instead we look to see that they have embraced the ON philosophy with a willingness to give things a try, contributing to the room, taking part in the discussions, leaning into their Facilitators and Mentor’s advice and are just giving everything they’ve got to understand their customers.

The Winter 2019 ON Prime Finals ON Facilitator’s Prize Winners are:

Canberra: WeijenTech (helping people recovering from strokes to talk again).

Brisbane: BettaFoodie (a beta-gluten additive to help vegans feel full for longer) and RAPair (a new bandage to enable rapid wound healing).

Team RAPair in Brisbane.

Melbourne: Team Toxin (a potential solution for sleep apnoea or for dogs with breathing trouble) and BIPV Enablers (helping builders make great decisions about solar power).

Team Toxin, winner of the Facilitator Prize for Melbourne ON Prime A session.

Wollongong: NanoG (a new fluid to help cool down computers or aircraft systems).

Newcastle: Keeping Young People Safe (an educational tool for improving drug education for school students to minimise harm).

Sydney: Solar View (tech that can detect solar panel faults onsite) and Next-Generation BIPV (transparent solar panels that can be used as windows or as part of buildings).

Next-Generation BIPV, winners of the Facilitator Prize for the Sydney B session.

Adelaide: Cancer Treatment Toxicities Group (monitoring side effects of cancer treatment for patients to improve health outcomes).

Perth: Detecting Microbes in Meat (smart use of DNA -based probes that can rapidly detect the presences of microbes).

As well as this wonderful recognition for their hard work, the ON Facilitator’s Prize also includes funded travel to the 2019 ON Tribe Forum in Melbourne to continue their ON experience in style! Here ON Alumni will network and meet with mentors, experts and peers from all over the country. There’s a variety of professional development workshops and world-class speakers on offer too. Most importantly though, we’re curating a special place for you to meet with your own – the folks who like you have been there and done that.

If you’re alumni, register for ON Tribe Forum here, it’s a free 2-day conference in Melbourne 11-12 September.